What’s yours?!



I came across this on my Facebook.This shit is awesome.AWESOME.I tell you,this is fabulous.
See,what you have to do is,umm…well, nothing. It’s about where your eyes wander to.
See,the thing is,the first three words you find in here,are the things you want most in life.
And,it’s kinda true.I do want intelligence,and freedom,and power.I value intelligence a lot in life.Mine,and everybody else’s. Freedom too is very important for me.I don’t think I have it in me to be under anybody’s thumb.I am quite a freedom-loving person.So,that’s something I desire to have in my future too.And lastly,I love to yeild power.I mean, I am not power hungry or anything (Atleast I don’t think I am), but I love to hold some level of authority in my hand.
So,all in all,it proved to be true for me.
You people should try it.And do tell me what you…

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