Shame on #Europe

Shame on #Europe. Distribute it as much as possible throughout the world.
World SHAME … keep sending the list to the world press … tell your friends.
Shame on Denmark! The sea was red, but not because of some climatic or environmental changes …
And because of human cruelty (civilized human) who kill hundreds of the famous and intelligent dolphins Kalderonskie (Grinds) !!
And it happens every year in the Faroe Islands in Denmark. The main participants of this slaughter – young teens. WHY? In this way they want to prove that they are adults and “cool” !!!! BULLSHIT !!!
This large “festival” is all done for fun. Each in its own way takes part in it: killing, or just watching the brutal carnage and supporting him.
I must say that Kalderonskie Dolphins (Grinda), as well as many other species of dolphins, have well-developed instincts, not afraid of people fend for themselves, play and interact with them.
During this brutal bloody massacre poor animals do not die immediately, they are cut 1, 2 or 3 times with thick hooks sharp. At the same time the dolphins produce a grim cry, extremely compatible with the cry of a newborn baby!
They suffer in terrible agony of such attacks, and no compassion these accidents, it is absolutely harmless beings slowly die in his own blood …
Pretty !!!
We will send this message as long as it does not reach any animal welfare.
We will not only read it, like passive viewer of this outrage.
PLEASE demonstrate their protest and disgust at your accessible form and forward this information to all those you know …
Friends, do not be loyal! Only the people can change the world … one is a warrior, but when we are together, we are the real power…Sent by:-Jks Greenindia (NGO)10421314_847274192023833_8784525111383720550_n 11000613_847274212023831_2177079412768254642_n 11013590_847274172023835_245547080960238146_n (1) 11151023_847274235357162_1173110759657315903_n 11203145_847274285357157_4773273180390511610_n 11251373_847274262023826_8018244791933116907_n


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