Defining 5G: 5G will enable “Everything on Mobile”

Defining 5G:
5G will enable “Everything on Mobile”

Wireless networks are changing the way people communicate and access information. Mobile access network, by enabling connections anytime and anywhere, is transforming the telecom industry. In the near future, wireless access will eventually prevail. 5G technology will allow a flexible, reliable, and secure wireless networks to connect people with all applications, services, and things, thus leading human race into the era of“Everything on Mobile”.

5G will face unprecedented challenges

In the “Everything on Mobile” era, mobile networks must meet requirements more diverse than ever. These requirements can be identified from three dimensions: number of connections, latency, and throughput. These three dimensions together will bring unprecedented challenges to future 5G networks.

Peak data rate per user: 10 Gbps, 4 times of the capability of current 4G network
End-to-end latency: 1 ms, 1/50 of best latency of current 4G network
Number of connections: 1 million per square kilometers, 100 times of current 4G network

Everything on Mobile!


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