What is Tensor Flow

Google has used TensorFlow for the past year for a variety of applications. For example, Google Photos is scary good at search because it uses TensorFlow to recognize places based on popular landmarks or characteristics, like the Yosemite National Park mountain range.
Other Google products that use TensorFlow include Google search, Google’s voice recognition app, and Google Translate.
By making TensorFlow open source and letting any developer use it, Google can improve the system and see other ways it can be used beyond its current applications e.g. Snapchat uses Tensor Flow.

But just don’t stick with the theory.
Let’s do a Lab 😉


In this code lab, you will learn how to build and train a neural network that recognizes handwritten digits.

But before you start a Lab first download TensorFlow and other prerequisite components from
Watch this video to clear the concept for the lab

Source: Click here!


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